Selected Reviews

Review of Oral History, Community and Displacement: Memories in Post-Apartheid South Africa by Sean Field in Oral History 2014

Review of South Africa Pushed to the Limit by Hein Marais in Monthly Review 2011

Review of Jack Rosenthal by Sue Vice in European Journal of Communications 2010 or doras

Review of Religion and the Human Prospect by Alexander Saxton in Science & Society 2009 or doras

Review of Popular Televison Drama: Critical Perspectives in European Journal of Communication 2006 or doras

Review of Beyond the Science Wars: the missing discourse about science and society in Public Understanding of Science 2011

Review of Marx’s Ecology: Materialism and Nature by John Bellamy Foster in Monthly Review October 2000

Review of Questioning Ireland: Debates in Political Philosophy and Public Policy in Irish Political Studies 2000

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