Selected Past Articles

Green Left Weekly 24 Feb 2003

Mail & Guardian (South Africa) 2 March 2001 (or here)

Grand narratives then and now: Can we still conceptualise history? Socialism and Democracy 12, 1998

The end of history? Grand narratives of our time. Times Change 1996

The end of his story. Graph 1992

America: symptoms of decline. The Irish Review 11, 1992

The parameters of the permissible: Scrap Saturday. Irish Communications Review 2, 1992

On public service broadcasting: against the tide. Irish Communications Review 2,1992

Writing and the zeitgeist. Irish University Review 21,1991

Reflections on Eastern Europe. Making Sense 1991

Of snails and Sisyphus. Graph 1991

Navigating the zeitgeist. Socialism in the World 13, 1989

Is television drama ideological? The Crane Bag 9, 1985

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