“Why the new interest in marxism and science?” at seminar on Marxism(s) and historiography of science at Université Paris 7 (March 2008)

“Identities, ideologies and intellectuals” at Forging identities conference at DCU (February 2008)

“Breakfast roll man, public space and planet of slums” at Ireland Institute for Historical and Cultural Studies (November 2007)

“Marxism and science: the historical drama, the contemporay conjucture” Historical Materialism conference at SOAS, University of London (November 2007)

“Marxism and the natural sciences” at Communist University of Britain at Ruskin House, Croydon (October 2007)

“Marxism in the 21st century” at Communist University of Britain at Ruskin House, Croydon (October 2007)

“The centenary of Christopher Caudwell and the philosophical landscape of the century” at Caudwell centenary conference sponsored by Marx Memorial Library, London (October 2007)

“The assault on scientific rationality: historical analysis and epistemological response” at conference on The assault on science: Constructing a response, 13th congress of European Council of Skeptical Organisations, Dublin (September 2007) 

“Philosophy and science: connection, disconnection, consequences” public lecture sponsored by Irish Skeptics Society (June 2007)

“Marxism and the interpretation of science” at Institute of Historical Research, University of London (May 2007)

“Marxism and science: a sweep through the decades” at 34th annual philosophy of science conference at Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik (April 2007)

“Universities, social movements and market forces” at All Africa House, University of Cape Town (March 2007)

“Identities, ideologies, market forces and social sciences” at Dept of Sociology, University of Cape Town (Feb 2007)

“Identities and ideologies: Are sociologists stenographers of the surface?”  plenary address at Sociological Association of Ireland postgraduate conference (November 2006)

“Are the humanities threatened by the increasing commercialisation of universities?” (debate with president of DCU) at humanities festival at DCU (May 2006)

“Fair City and our fair city: soap opera and social order” at conference on Irish Media in Global and Local Contexts sponsored by Irish Media Research Network at DIT (June 2006)

“JD Bernal: philosophy, politics and the science of science” at JD Bernal: Science and Society sponsored by Institute of Physics in Ireland at Limerick Institute of Technology (June 2006)

“Marxism and  science studies: from 1931 to now” conference on Scientists and Social Commitment at Science Museum London (September 2006)

“The influence of marxism on science studies” at Princeton seminar on Geopolitics, Marxism & 75 Years of Science Studies at Princeton University (March 2006) abstract & collage

“Speaking of the south: northern voices and southern realities” at conference on Education for Development in a Globalising World at DCU (March 2006)

“Teaching philosophy in the 21st century” at Royal Institute of Philosophy, Cardiff (March 2004)

“Cultures and transformation in post-apartheid South Africa” at Cultures in Conflict conference at DCU (February 2002)

“Philosophy and transformation” at conference of Philosophical Society of Southern Africa, University of Stellenbosch (January 2002)

“Politics and academe in the new South Africa” at DCU School of Communications staff seninar series (Nov 2001) and for MA in International Relations lecture series (April 2002)

“The legacy of the German Democratic Republic” at  Trinity College Dublin  for MPhil in Peace Studies course on Eastern Europe (January 2001)

“The rise of the repressed: where does South Africa fit into the picture ?” at All Africa House, University of Cape Town (March 2001)

“Transformation and academe: alternative paths” at Centre for Higher Education Development, University of Cape Town (April 2001)

“The history of philosophy: questions about class, race and gender” at Department of Philosophy, University of Cape Town (March 2001)

“The history of ideas and the other” at Cultures in Transition conference at DCU  (February 2000)

“Class: defining it, debating it, dramatising it” at Understanding Class in Ireland conference at University College Dublin  (December 1999)

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