mphscMarxism and the Philosophy of Science: A Critical History

New Jersey: Humanities Press, 1985 / 1993 (2 editions)

Intro to 2nd edition: the fate of marxism
Ch4: Soviet debates October revolution: marxism in power ideas and purges Lysenko
Ch5: Comintern debates: beginning and end sections on Bernal and Haldane and Caudwell







Iitvdbkrish Television Drama: A Society and Its Stories

Dublin: RTE, 1987 / 2004 (2 editions)

Ch 1 Story, myth, dream and drama
Ch 2 Television as a medium of drama
Ch 3 Criteria for judging tv drama
Ch 4 The 1960s
Ch 5 The 1970s
Ch 6 The 1980s




tigertv4The Continuing Story of Irish Television Drama: Tracking the Tiger

Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2004

Extract: The times: 1987-2002








“A Voice from the Dead”

New York: Monthly Review Press/ New York University Press, 2004
Text or Extract
An introduction to posthumous work of NI Bukharin Philosophical Arabesques








mappingMapping Irish media: critical explorations

Dublin: UCD Press, 2007

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